Why Eunice Campbell For School Board?

I have decided to give my time to the improvement of our district’s education by running for a position on the board of education in 2018. I have been a very active parent in the WSFCS district by playing various roles such as PTA president, school board parent advocate, a board member of Title 1 parent advocacy committee and general school volunteer.  I received a degree in Business Administration from WSSU and my MBA from Colorado State University. 

I stand behind three initiatives:

  • Equitable – Access to resources
  • Elevate – Elevate mindsets
  • Engage- Schools, students, parents & communities

At a time where developing skills and knowledge is not just important, but the key to accessing opportunity and getting ahead in this country, we must ask the tough questions and demand thorough and transparent answers. 

I plan to be a board member that proactively solicits the opinions of parents and teachers in making board decisions and to make the board more responsive to community needs.

I want to make sure our school district not only ensures that students know how to read, write, and compute math problems but also teach them to stay in good shape and health, balance a checkbook, start a new business or get and keep a job.  They need to be prepared for the 21st century. 

I believe, unequivocally, in the value of public education. I am dedicated to serving all children and believe in the democratic process and understand that my role is to act strategically, in line with the interests of the entire school community.

Over the past year, I’ve listened to teachers, parent and the community, and come to understand its values and concerns. Above all, I’ve embraced the transformative power of a great board to improve public education.  Education is always changing and I look forward to helping shape that change for our school district.

I ask for your vote for a seat on the board of education for WSFCS in 2018.